The agenda for

women and girls is critically important

to our state and our nation. We need to move forward on paid family medical leave, chronic wage disparities, discriminatory workplace practices and human trafficking. Building off of the long history of the PCSW’s success, this new initiative is uniquely poised to continue their innovative and effective work on these issues—ensuring this legislative agenda continues to be at the forefront of public policy discussion and debate.

Rosa DeLauro

​​​​Permanent Commission on the Status of Women in Connecticut​


Our Strategies:
The PCSW will partner with leaders in Hartford and organizations around the state to ensure that the public policy agenda for women and girls addressed by the Former PCSW continues to move forward. We will provide expertise, research, education, resources, coalition-building and issue advocacy in order to improve the lives of women and girls in Connecticut.
       Our new initiative will advocate in the same key policy areas addressed by the Former PCSW, including economic security; health and safety for women of all ages; discrimination in all forms; education; and women’s leadership. Each year we will develop and pursue a targeted, data-driven legislative agenda for the upcoming session of the Connecticut General Assembly. See our latest legislative agenda here.



​​​​Our Mission:
The PCSW is the leading advocate for women and girls in Connecticut.

Our Vision:
A state in which women and girls:

  • Live and work free from discrimination;
  • Develop economic security free from gender-related barriers;
  • Experience safety free from the violence that impact females disproportionately;
  • Live healthy lives and access healthcare equitably;
  • Pursue equal opportunities for educational success; and
  • Share leadership and equal representation in positions of authority and governance throughout public and private enterprises.