Fair Chance Initiatives
Participate in the Fair Chance Coalition and support the coalition’s policy objectives as a “radical ally.”

Pay Equity
Support efforts aimed at narrowing the gender pay gap, which could include: workforce development initiatives that encourage and assist women in completing degrees of higher education and enter higher paying, non-traditional occupations; conducting research shedding light on the economic impacts of the wage gap in Connecticut; supporting efforts to encourage voluntary wage audits on the part of corporations.

Healthy Sexuality
Support efforts to assist youth in all Connecticut communities in making safe, informed decisions about their health, their bodies and their sexuality through comprehensive, age appropriate sexuality education for all students K-12.


​​​​Permanent Commission on the Status of Women in Connecticut​


Our legislative agenda for the 2017 session of the Connecticut General Assembly will focus on the following:

Paid Family and Medical Leave
Support efforts to establish a system of paid family and medical leave for all workers in Connecticut, male and female, to build a strong and supported twenty-first century workforce and competitive business environment.

Labor and Sex Trafficking
Build on the success of legislative efforts in the 2016 session to further identify, combat and prevent sex and labor trafficking in Connecticut by supporting the policy objectives of the Trafficking in Persons Council.

78% Ratio of Connecticut women's to men's earnings (2014)

432 Child victims of human trafficking in Connecticut since 2006, but only 28 cases have been prosecuted.

​31% of female-headed families with children under 18 are living below the poverty line (2015)